When The World Gives You Too Much Advice

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So I haven’t written a blog in a while, and rather surprisingly (to me at least), quite a few people have noticed. So thank you to everyone who has been reading and been so encouraging. My blog is all about positivity and being your best self which I’m really proud of, because the world is full of enough bad stuff already. However, life isn’t always 100% like that and I feel like if one of the key values of my blog is honesty then I have to be true to that and be open with you all.

The real reason I haven’t written a blog in a while is a mix of things but mainly I kind of felt like I lost sight of who I was, or the me I’ve been working towards. That sounds ridiculously deep but I guess what I am trying to say is I haven’t felt good enough to write. When I write my blog I try and picture myself as the best version of me possible, and lately that’s been impossible. Like I said, my blog is all about fun and positivity but lately I haven’t been feeling fun and positive and so I was seriously lacking in inspiration. I didn’t want to be fake and write about ‘how to have the best time as a medical student’ when recently I feel like I have been going through life on autopilot.

Now as the title of my blog suggests, I turned to the world (mainly the internet) to try and ‘fix’ myself. I think this is something everyone has done at some point. When you break up with someone, Google: ‘how to get over your ex’. When your bank account isn’t in the greatest state (shout out to all my fellow students), Youtube: ‘how to become a millionaire in less than 24hrs’. Tried the last one, still no luck. I asked friends for advice etc, but still couldn’t figure out how to get back to my fun, loving-life self. And honestly, it’s been getting me down.

Anyone who knows me will be really surprised at this because there is no way I would ever let it show. And for me, in situations like this my faith as a Christian saves me from getting into a really dark place in my mind and I thank God for that. I will say this, the last month has made me realise the world doesn’t have all the answers for every exact problem in life because everyone is going down a completely unique path. And yeah, friends are great to cuddle you during the occasional teary break down, but as the saying goes, how would we know to appreciate the good times in life if we never had the bad.

So I usually end my blogs with some cheesy but practical bit of positive advice to take into your lives but the honest truth is that in this situation, I don’t have the magic fix. Life has it’s ups and downs and if you are in a down patch right now, I promise it will get better. Instead I will end my blog with my current favourite bible verse.

‘So be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead. Even though you have to endure many trials for a little while’ 1 Peter 1:6


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  1. kookieonline says:

    Deffo feel you when it comes to this 😭 Power through you’ll look back and laugh at her you feel now 💃🏾

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  2. thetimequintet says:

    It is not possible to always be happy or to make everyone happy, but I think it’s alright. Life’s got its ups and downs, but they do say every cloud has their silver lining!

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  3. Alicia says:

    Can totally relate to that … I love how you try to see the silver lining. I keep a journal were i wrote daily few words of what achieved that day or what made me happy. When Im sad, i go through the pages and see all the things that have made me happy and get a better perspective of things. Lets share positive vibes and make lemonade from lemons 💕💕

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    1. wanniesworld says:

      Silver linings is what keeps me going! I love journaling too for the exact same reason. 💜❤

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