Are Creative People Just Born That Way? – 5 Ways to Generate More Creative Ideas

When it comes to writing blogs I get inspiration from all over the place. Usually, I have a list of ideas ready to be written up on my phone at all times. However, When I sat down to write this blog something was different. My mind was completely blank. Everything I started to write just didn’t feel right and I was starting to get really frustrated. Now I’m definitely not a literary genius. In fact I’ve always been better at science and maths than more creative subjects like art or humanities. This lead me to thinking, are creative people just born that way? Maybe the reason why I was struggling was simply because my brain was not built to be imaginative.

The Science Behind Creative Brains

So me and my ‘sciencey’ brain decided to do a little bit of research. You may have heard of the split brain theory. This states that your characteristics are controlled by a dominant half of your brain. The left side of your brain is supposed to be more logical, analytical, focused on facts, detached, organised and basically more ‘sciencey’. The right side of your brain is supposedly more emotional, inquisitive focused on art and creativity. So by this logic I would fit into the left brain category and no matter how hard I could try, I would never be as creative as someone with a ‘right dominant’ brain. This theory was created by nobel prize winning scientist Roger W Sperry, and to some extent he was right. In the majority of people the language and logic centres are in the left side of the brain and the visual and spatial information centres are in the right. However, scientists have proved that we are best able to perform a wide range of tasks (both scientific and artsy) when the whole brain works together collectively

 5 Ways to Generate More Creative Ideas

Ok so knowing that there is literally no such thing as being left brained/ right brained, here are some pretty useful tips I have listed on how to come up with more creative ideas:

Get into a new space – When I’m stuck the worst thing I can do is stay in that same place and force myself to keep working on it. Refresh your brain by going on a run, baking a cake or even having a shower.

Brainstorm with other people – talking your ideas out loud with people you trust helps you develop your ideas and identify any issues that you might not see otherwise.

Step out of your comfort zone – This is something I would recommend incorporating into as many areas of life as possible. Constantly stepping out of your comfort zone trains your mind to be always curious and open to new ideas.

Journal – So I love journaling. It allows me to get out all my thoughts, so my mind isn’t constantly racing. If you are looking to start, I would definitely recommend Happy: The Journal by Fearne Cotton. I am planning on writing a more detailed blog about this sometime soon so keep an eye out.

Inspiration Is Key – Ok so this one may be a little controversial among the ‘true creatives’ among you. I have found that there are literally no new ideas under the sun. My most creative moments are when I’m inspired by someone else’s work and decide to put my own spin on it. Look for inspiration everywhere.

Everyone needs to be creative from time to time, whether you feel like you have a ‘pure science brain’ or not. I personally think although some people are naturally more ‘creative’, but this is definitely something that can be improved and worked on over time. I would love to know what you think. Is there anything you do to generate creative ideas?


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  1. IvesTrendyTopic says:

    But sweety u are born naturally creative..
    This is so amazing.. I loved it.. Thanks for sharing ❤❤

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    1. wanniesworld says:

      💜💜💜 thank you


  2. Really like your idea of getting into a new space here, it’s not something I’ve seen talked about a lot but it really can freshen things up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wanniesworld says:

      It helps so much! Such a small change can make a huge difference

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  3. thetimequintet says:

    Love this post just like I loved the others! You truly do create fantastic and interesting content!

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