How My 3 Year Old Cousin Ended Up In Intensive Care


On the 10th of November my 3 year old cousin Nkumbu was involved in an accident that left her covered in 3rd degree burns across 47% of her body.

Up until that date she was a regular 3 year old that was fun, bubbly and had a huge sense of adventure. She lives in the capital of Zambia, where the majority of my family is from and for most people boiling hot water doesn’t come out of the taps. Instead you have physically boil the water and add cold water to balance it before taking a bath.

On the 10th of November Nkumbu was getting ready for her normal bath time and jumped into the tub thinking that cold water had been added but instead she was met with burning hot boiling water.

Since then she has been in and out of intensive care and her condition is deteriorating. Her best chance is to be sent to a state of the art medical facility in South Africa. However this will cost a lot of money, both for the air ambulance their, and her stay in the hospital, money that my family doesn’t have at the moment.

We set up a go fund me campaign to raise the funds to send her across and so far I have been overwhelmed with the amount of support, and we need more.

So far the campaign has been shared over 280 times on facebook and the more word gets out the bigger chance Nkumbu has.

I know I haven’t blogged in an incredibly long time, so long in fact that I thought I may have forgotten how to write an interesting blog so forgive me if this isn’t the side of me you are used to reading about, but it is hugely important.

If you are unable to donate this Christmas please share the campaign on all social media platforms and keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Click Here To Support Nkumbu

go fund me

Love Wannie xx

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